4 Tech PR Activities to Improve Marketing and Build Momentum

August 21, 2014

Summer is coming to an end.  Your customers are about to begin a new budgeting period.  Now is a good time to step up activities that help improve top-of-mind awareness for your product or service.  We’ve identified 4 activities that you can easily integrate into your technology public relations and marketing efforts, to improve your visibility and credibility and, ensure that your marketing plan does not suffer the post holiday blues or, loose the momentum you’ve worked hard to create.

1. Create New Content

Now is the time to update marketing and press materials with new content.  Customer Case Studies increase your credibility and help convert leads into clients. Aim to demonstrate how a real customer solved a real problem using your product or service.  If your objective is to generate new prospects and leads then work to develop a White Paper.  Demystify complex technology concepts and help the sales team explain the benefits of your product or service.  Both Case Studies and White Papers increase your visibility in the marketplace,  build reputation and credibility.  Get working today on gathering testimonials and demonstrating your expertise.

2. Develop a Survey or Questionnaire

Numbers are a great way to illustrate a story and support your marketing claims.  Interview surveys and questionnaires allow you to gain valuable insight into customer perceptions and market requirements.  The data collected can be used to illustrate the where, what, when, why, who and, how of your product or service story.

3. Pitch and Write a By-lined Article

Many business and trade publications accept placed articles and these provide an excellent opportunity for you to tell your story.  Check the editorial forward features list of industry trade publications and develop a short pitch explaining the article you plan to write.  Submission deadlines are usually well in advance of publication, so start early!  Remember, write to impress, not to sell.

4. Book a Speaking Slot and Submit for Awards

Speaking at trade shows and conferences on topics that you are knowledgeable about is a great way to raise your profile and build your reputation.  Industry approved awards for your product or service help build credibility. Securing a conference speaking slot or an award helps you stand out from the crowd and generates extra publicity.

For those of you like to print things out we’ve created this infographic explaining the 4 activities that you can easily integrate into your technology public relations and marketing efforts to improve your visibility and credibility.1408545123-2

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