6 ways content marketing has changed the way we do PR

July 22, 2014

Good article from thenextweb.com about how content marketing impacts the way we do public relations. According to the article, company blogs are becoming mainstream publications. Sound familiar?  In our previous post, we outlined 3 key reasons why technology companies should blog.

In thenextweb.com article, Shannon Byrne, the Content and PR Manager at Mention explains that “companies are leveraging their blogs as media outlets to distribute valuable information with the end goal of driving traffic to their site that they can then convert to qualified leads, and eventually customers.“  Overall, Byrne reiterates the importance of content marketing to directly address customer concerns, raise issues, and highlight aspects of your technology, product or service and your expertize.  She says that: “If you take a look at Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, The Next Web and several other popular publications, you’ll notice that many authors are actually contributors — Founders, CEOs, CMOs, Community Managers, and so on.”

Byrne also offers some interesting tips and advice on how to tell and share your stories.  For example, when you don’t have anything newsworthy to share or announce she suggests sending a well researched, well written, but not overly promotional blog post, to a relevant publication for syndication.

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