7 Tips for Effective Trade Show PR

How to get the most from your trade show investment.

Trade shows provide an unparalleled opportunity to generate leads, promote a brand, launch a new company or a new product. In fact, a whole range of marketing activities that would otherwise take weeks can be achieved in a few short days at a show.

Whatever your trade show objective and budget – sourcing suppliers, meeting with customers, generating publicity for a new company or product, or networking to generate new leads – the best plans will fail if no one knows who you are, what you sell, and why you are attending the show.

Tips for Effective Trade Show PR

Public Relations (PR) is the ‘secret weapon’ of companies large & small who know how to leverage their participation in a trade show to increase their visibility & credibility in the market place.

This guide presents seven tips to help you successfully plan and execute a communications and public relations program to support your next trade show, so you can get the word out, increase the number of potential leads and visitors to your booth, and generate the coverage you deserve.
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