Startups: Spring clean your PR

March 24, 2015

It’s spring!  Freshen up your technology PR with these solutions and strategies. “Spring clean” your startup communications.

1. Review your public relations plan

Traditionally, communication or public relation (PR) plans are set up to cover a whole year.  But, in today’s always-on world technology companies and startups need the ability and the flexibility to respond to change and real-time events. Remember how Apple’s #bendgate problem with iPhone 6 Plus offered quick thinking competitors an opportunity to promote their products?

If you’ve missed real-time opportunities consider a “spring clean” or thorough review of your startup commuication plan.

Begin by considering what has been achieved in the context of business objectives.  Identify what has worked well and what has failed.  Are you building relationships with the right journalists and influencers?  Do you have a coherent message and distinctive voice to engage in real-time conversations?  Are your using the right tools and tactics?

Revisit your  approach to communications every 90 days and you will be sure to catch problems before they snowball.

And if a PR plan is not part of your overall business plan for your startup or technology now’s the time to prepare one.


2. Revitalize your messaging with storytelling

Just because you run a technology startup don’t think that effective communication can be limited to PowerPoint, bullet points, or lists of product features.  If your corporate message is just a collection of facts it will not make an impact.  As a result your product or service will not be “top of mind” when your customer is ready to buy.  Or, as management guru Tom Peters put it: “In a competitive environment, only those who have a strong unified message, who create and sell quality and value, will survive.”

A strong unified message is memorable.  To achieve this, focus on developing context.   Aim to connect with your audience on a human level by telling a compelling story that explains who you are, what you do, the problem you aim to solve and, how you plan to solve it.  Develop your backstory.  And, continuously engage and inspire your target audience with stories—about business approaches, events, products, and customers. Work to eliminate corporate-speak and jargon.  It’s easy to forget facts and figures but everyone remembers a good story!
Make a fresh start this spring by reviewing and revitalizing your corporate narrative with messages that make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Plan your Content

Good content has always been part of great marketing.  But today’s content marketing requires commitment and a long-term strategy to produce a regular and consistent flow of material.  And the many new platforms bring further challenges.  For example, even if your content marketing team is just you, it can still be difficult to align content marketing objectives across all your channels: web, social media, blog etc without loosing your brand voice and message.   This is where a simple editorial calendar can come into play.

An editorial calendar allows you to plan content themes and ideas and keep track of key dates and events.  By outlining content topics and their frequency in advance you will also be forced to consider the needs of your audience.  This will help you decide what types of content you need to be developing: White Papers, blog posts, photos, videos, social media updates, infographics, seasonal updates, case studies etc.
You can build your own editorial calendar in Google or Excel or download one of the many free templates available online from organizations like Hubspot. Building a schedule is a great motivator. But communications today also need to be real-time.  Don’t forget to engage in conversations across relevant social networks!

One more thing!

To generate awareness and earn attention for your start-up or technology company you must take a strategic approach to pùblic relations.  If your startup or technology marketing plan could would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes, or if you need help developing your communications strategy nVentif can partner with you to help you tell you story.

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