Update your LinkedIn Company Page today

April 14, 2014

LinkedIn is an ideal platform for B2B content marketing.  This is why so many companies have inveslinked_inted time in developing Company pages and posting specific content on their products and services.  But, today Monday, April 14th, LinkedIn will remove the Products and Services tab from all company pages as well as all the recommendations that your products or services may have received.

What are the alternatives?

Late last year LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages.  Showcase pages allow brands to create a feed for specific products or services.  Think of Showcase pages as a campaign or landing page where you target a specific public with tailored and timely content to generate a following for that product or service.  Other company news and updates remain separate from Showcase pages.   We’ll discuss Showcase pages in a future post.  In the meantime, here are three tasks to complete today:

  1.   Copy product and service descriptions for future use While LinkedIn has offered to archive client recommendations that are currently displayed on your products or services tab until May 30th, they have not offered to store the product and service descriptions.  This is your content and if you’d like to use it again in the future then copy and paste all the information in a separate document today. 
  2. Contact LinkedIn Customer Support for a copy of all the recommendations you have received LInkedIn will send you a copy (on request) of the recommendations published on your page as of March 4, 2014. These recommendations will be available through LinkedIn Company Pages Customer Support until Friday, May 30, 2014.  Alternatively, copy and paste the recommendations into a separate document today.
  3. Add an update to your Company Page or begin creating a Showcase page LinkedIn recommends using Company Updates and the new Showcase Pages as an alternative to share content related to your products and services. It may take some time to build up the content for your Showcase pages, you can add up to 10, but now is a good time to consider which products and service merit stand alone pages.   In the meantime, you can use Company updates to engage with your followers by posting news, comments and other content. For more information, sign up for a free webinar from LinkedIn: How to Build your Company Page for Business Success every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. CST

Why the change?

According to LinkedIn they regularly evaluate features to  – “….ensure that we’re creating a platform where companies can deliver timely, engaging content to our members. Sometimes, this means we need to remove a feature to focus on areas of the product that most benefit both companies and our members.”   This is more of a statement than a justification.  Some commentators have suggested that the real reason is to do away with static content, and that may not be a bad thing as it encourages brands to post new and relevant content more often.